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ISIS Glass Mosaic  Vibrant Colors.  Customizable.  Thinner thickness allows for beauty and budget pricing.

Athena Mosaics consist of 33 colors, one checkerboard pattern and seven blends. They are available in a unique ½” x ½” size and mesh mounted on a 1’ x 1’ sheet. Mosaic is the leading choice both in commercial and residential applications. Athena mosaics are glazed with a matte surface; they are produced on a porcelain body and with proper installation can be used outside in freeze/thaw climates.

Athena Installation Gallery
Stone A' La Mod

Stone A' La Mod is offered in eight unique sizes in three colors and one block random blend. Finishes vary by shape as listed below. Sizes include a basket weave, ¾ x ¾ split face (hi-low), 2” x 3” wedge, ½ x ½ , Split face random brick joint, 2” x random high – low, Oval, linear 5 ¾ x ½ and a block random made up of 4 mosaic sizes offered in the three color blend only.


Glass Cobble With curves and surfaces found in nature, these hand-crafted tiles are reminicent of polished stones in a streambed. Cool, tranquil colors add style and elegance. These trend-setting tiles are a great choice for pools, spas, and bath applications. Upscale any natural surfaces theme with Cobble Mosaics.

Piece Size: Varying shapes from 1 1/2"X 1/4" to 3"X 1"

Average thickness: 3/8"

Mounting: Mesh backed
Crystal Glass Crystal Glass series
Frosted Glass
Paving Stone All-Natural Paving Stones

Available in 1.2" (3 cm) and 0.8" (2 cm) thicknesses. Red, Grey, and Black colors available. Special patterns and blends available upon request.

* - Available for immediate delivery
Sub-boards Product sample sub-boards.

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